Tractor Trailer Parking

We’ve been parking our tractors, trailers and equipment at this location for many years.  2 years ago, we assumed the lease on the property so we could continue parking our trucks here as well as have a location to do maintenance on our equipment.

We are firstly a trucking company and we know just how hard it is to find parking in this area where our trucks are secure, when we are not on the road with them.

We currently have approximately 20 – 25 spaces that can be used for parking of tractor trailers, dropping trailers, etc.

Several drivers leave their vehicles on site while they are on the road, so when they return, they can just hop right in their personal vehicle without bothering someone to come and pick them up.

We have a lighted, secured lot with 24/7 video monitoring to keep and eye on all that come and go.

If you have a need to park a tractor trailer when you’re not on the road in a secure area , please feel free to contact us.

If you are a fleet owner and would like your company trucks only parking in a secured area when they are not on the road, we can designate a single or multiple spots for your drivers to park ( doesn’t have to be the same truck ), when they are in the area, but not on the road.

We are located on a major highway, in between Conway S.C.  and Hwy 22 which has great access to most parts of Horry County.



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